You (“member”, “user”) consent to being legally bound by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) by using the Delbar-Dating app (“App”, “We”). Before using the App, we respectfully ask that you read these Terms because any usage of the App will obligate you to them legally. Please be aware that if you sign up for our services for a set amount of time (the “Initial Term”), your subscription will automatically renew for subsequent periods that are equal in length to the Initial Term at the then-applicable rate for such services, unless you cancel your subscription before the deadline. Please be aware that California subscribers have the right to cancel their subscriptions and ask for refunds at any time prior to midnight on the third business day after the date they signed up by visiting to obtain a refund. Please contact us directly if you subscribed through Delbar-Dating or your Google Play Store account.

Rules and Account Requirements

In order to use Delbar-Dating, you must create an account and fulfil the following criteria:

You must be at least 18 years old or the legal age of majority in your place of residence and You must be able to use the App legally where you are.

Manual account creation is an option, as well as using other login options the software supports. You allow us permission to access and display specific information from your other account, such as your profile images, relationship status, location, and facts about your Facebook friends, if you use other login credentials, such as those from Facebook, Google, or Apple. You are not permitted to lend or use another person’s account without that person’s consent. You can always choose to delete your account by selecting the “Delete account” link. Please be aware that after deleting your account, it can take some time for all of your stuff to disappear from the App. We may reactivate your account for you if you try to set up a new account during this time using the same login information. To monitor and review accounts and messages for content that violates these Conditions, we may use moderators as well as automated technologies. Without prior notice and without incurring any liability, we reserve the right to delete or suspend any account, restrict access to the App, or use any other legal strategy to enforce the Terms. Additionally, we reserve the right to suspend or delete your account if we deem, in our exclusive discretion, that you have violated these Terms, engaged in any illegal or improper behaviour on the App or with other users (including offline behaviour), or on other apps run by our affiliates. You won’t get a refund for any services or features you’ve already paid for if your account is closed or suspended. You are not permitted to enter or interfere with our systems or the App’s private sections. You might not be able to access certain areas of the App unless you’ve created an account.

Certain sorts of content are restricted by Delbar-Dating and are not permitted on the App. This includes material that is defamatory, obscene, aggressive, abusive, or that condones illegal activity. Defamatory, commercial, involving spam or viruses, violating the rights of others, revealing another person without their agreement, detrimental to minors, or impersonating another person is not permitted content. Delbar-Dating Group has a strict no-tolerance policy for this type of material.

You are solely and exclusively responsible to make sure that anything you post on Delbar-Dating complies with the rules and regulations listed on the Delbar-Dating website. You must never share any personal information about yourself with others.

By publishing any content on Delbar-Dating, you automatically grant Delbar-Dating a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide license to use your Content in any way, including altering, adapting, translating, distributing, and making available to the public. You also represent and warrant to Delbar-Dating that you have all necessary rights and licenses to do so.

Delbar-Dating is under no duty to keep any of the stuff that you upload, so if it’s something you want to save, you should make a duplicate. Delbar-Dating may also take legal action on your behalf if third parties outside of Delbar-Dating utilise anything you upload in violation of the law or improperly.

The member who posted the content on Delbar-Dating is the owner of it and is responsible for compliance with copyright laws. If you suspect that a member has uploaded your copyrighted content on Delbar-Dating without your permission, you are free to take whatever legal action is necessary to hold that individual accountable. In spite of this, by using the software, you consent to indemnify Delbar-Dating against all claims, including without limitation the generality of the foregoing, the aforementioned copyright infringements.

Any content on Delbar-Dating that is not the property of members is owned by Delbar-Dating. Delbar-Dating, as a platform, retains the right to evaluate and monitor all Content on the application, and to remove or ban any Content that contravenes our Guidelines or these Terms of Service. We cannot, however, guarantee that all Material will be examined or taken down as we are not required to do so.

Furthermore, we have the right to delete or restrict access to any Content that violates the rights of others to their intellectual property, breaks any laws or regulations, or endangers the safety or well-being of our users or the general public. Such determination is in our exclusive discretion. Additionally, we retain the right to delete users’ accounts who consistently disobey our rules or these Terms

The App is committed to observe the rules pertaining to the users such as using their genuine names and ages, using the services professionally, and abstaining from illegal or improper conduct. Users are prohibited from using software or other methods to scrape or copy profiles and other data from the services, misrepresenting their identity, disclosing information without permission, stalking or harassing other users, creating pyramid schemes, or engaging in other unethical or illegal activities. Delbar-Dating retains the right to revoke a user’s access to the App and delete any unauthorized content if they breach these conditions. Delbar-Dating does not investigate the criminal records of its members or validate their claims; individuals are solely responsible for their interactions with other Delbar-Dating users. Except for claims emerging from Delbar-Dating’s fraudulent business activities, users release the company from any claims stemming from their contacts with other users. You may never copy or scrape any portion of the App without Delbar-Dating’s prior written consent and approval.

Privacy Principles

Please be aware that Delbar-Dating only collects, uses, and discloses your personal information in ways that are consistent with its Privacy Policy. Delbar-Dating gathers and processes user data, including personal information like name, email address, phone number, and location data, according to the Privacy Policy. It also describes how the Delbar-Dating Group makes use of this information to deliver and enhance the Delbar-Dating services and how it gives user information to third parties for reasons like marketing and advertising. By using Delbar-Dating, you consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal data by the Delbar-Dating Group in accordance with the Terms and the Privacy Policy.

Payment Policies

Delbar-Dating may allow users to make in-app purchases and subscriptions via the Google Play Store, the App Store, or by using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. A user gives Delbar-Dating permission to charge their preferred payment method if they decide to make an in-app purchase. When a premium service, like a one-week, one-month, or three-month subscription, expires, it might automatically renew; if consumers don’t cancel, they’ll be charged the then-current fee. Users may do so directly from Delbar-Dating or the third-party store where they made their purchase to cancel a subscription. After the trial time, free trials could also become paid subscriptions. In general, no purchase charges are refundable.However, users must get in touch with customer assistance to obtain a refund because some jurisdictions only permit them within a particular time frame. Sales tax is not included in payments.

The Terms cover virtual objects, push notifications, and location-based features in this area. Delbar-Dating may provide users with the option to buy virtual things, which are limited-use features. These virtual products are revocable, non-transferable permits to utilise specific restricted features of the Delbar-Dating App. Virtual object purchases do not imply the sale of any ownership rights to the objects. The balance of virtual objects displayed on a user’s account is not a representation of their actual balance, but rather how much access they have been granted to. Delbar-Dating maintains the right to regulate, restrict, change, or remove virtual objects at any time. Delbar-Dating may impose fees for access to virtual things.

Push notifications, emails, text messages, and other messages about the Delbar-Dating App and services, like promotions and offers, may be sent to users. By adjusting their mobile device’s notification settings, users can choose not to receive push notifications or alerts. The App may also offer location-based services, but in order to utilise these, users must enable location data. Users should consult the Privacy Policy for additional details on how Delbar-Dating uses and keeps user information. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that all virtual ite purchases and redemptions done using the Delbar-Dating app are final and non-refundable.

Disclaimers, Liability Limitations, and Other Terms

Regarding the App, site, content, or user material, we disclaim any warranties, whether they are expressed or implied. Delbar-Dating disclaims any responsibility for the behaviour of its users and makes no guarantees as to the compatibility of any matches. People engage in interactivity at their own risk.

The App, company, any owners, employees or contractors are not responsible for any damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages resulting from your use of the App, website, content, or any member material, according to the Limitation of Liability part of these Terms. This includes the loss of information, earnings, profits, or goodwill, as well as the loss of or damage to property and third-party claims. The business will not be liable for such damages, even if it was warned of their probability. The only and single course of action available to you if you are unhappy with the App or site in any manner is to cease using it. You release any and all claims resulting from your use of the App or any of its related services by utilizing them.

A crucial component of the basis of the agreement is the limitation of liability, which indicates an equitable risk distribution. Without these restrictions, neither the App nor the website would be available. Even if it is determined that the liability restrictions, disclaimers, and exclusive remedies outlined in the Terms were ineffective, they will still apply. The liability resulting from fraud, fraudulent misrepresentations, or any other liability that cannot be restricted by relevant legislation, however, is not covered by this limitation of liability.
The exclusion or restriction of certain types of damages, as well as the waiver of implied warranties, may not be permitted in some states. If so, you might not be covered by these clauses. The company’s total liability shall not exceed one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) if any part of this liability limitation is judged to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason.

Delbar-Dating, its owners, employees, agents, or independent contractors are not responsible for any punitive damages, including but not limited to lost data, lost revenue, lost profits, or lost goodwill. The only option available to users who are unhappy with the App or website is to cease using it.

Additionally, each user agrees to keep harmless, defend, indemnify, and hold Delbar-Dating and its affiliates, partners, licensors, officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents harmless from any third-party claims resulting from their use of the App or website, including any negligence, omission, or willful misconduct on the part of the user.

Importantly, if a user thinks that any of the content on Delbar-Dating violates their copyright, they may send a notification to Delbar-Dating’s copyright agent along with the necessary legal documentations.

Delbar-Dating is not obligated to offer support and maintenance for the App. The Third Party Shop provider and its affiliates have the right to enforce these Terms against you as third-party beneficiaries of these Terms.
Instead of going to court, any disagreement or claim relating to your use of the App or any other part of your relationship with the Delbar-Dating Group shall be settled through binding arbitration. You or the Delbar-Dating may file claims in small claims court if they are eligible, and you may also ask the court for equitable redress for the violation or abuse of intellectual property rights. You must send a letter outlining your claim to the registered agent of the Delbar-Dating in order to start the arbitration process. The arbitrator has the only authority to decide the scope and enforceability of this arbitration agreement as well as to settle any disputes relating to its interpretation, applicability, enforceability, or formation. The arbitration will be administered by JAMS.

Delbar-Dating has the exclusive discretion to determine whether a member has violated any of the App’s Terms or has engaged in an improper conduct ( online or offline), whether or not the conduct arises from the usage of the App. In the event of such determination, Delbar-Dating may take a variety of actions, including sending the user an email warning them, deleting their user content, terminating their account or membership, informing police enforcement, and doing any other steps it considers necessary. These steps are meant to uphold the conditions and safeguard users of Delbar-safety Dating’s and general well-being. In case of such determination, members shall lose access to their account and any information and content connected to it if these. However, some clauses of these Conditions, such as the arbitration agreement, ownership clauses, warranty disclaimers, and liability limitations, shall endure even after termination. This implies that the ownership rights, warranty disclaimers, and liability restrictions of Delbar-Dating Group will still apply to any conflicts or issues that arose while you had an Account and will be governed by the Arbitration Agreement.

Additional General Terms

All prior agreements, with the exception of the Privacy Policy, are superseded by these Terms, which serve as the whole agreement between the user and Delbar-Dating Group. Delbar-Dating makes no warranties or representations of any kind and delivers the information on the platform “as is” and “as available.” The user is exclusively responsible for adopting the appropriate safety measures to guarantee that the information downloaded from Delbar-Dating is free of viruses or other harmful elements. Delbar-Dating Group retains the right to alter, amend, or replace the Terms at any time. The Terms may vary from time to time. The user is deemed to have accepted the new updated Terms if they continue to use the site after any change.

The user represents and warrants that they are not located in a country that is subject to a U.S Government embargo or designated as a “terrorist supporting” country. Delbar-Dating is a worldwide App that utilizes servers in several countries, and users consent to the transfer, storing, and processing of their personal data to any such countries and locations. The user understands that Delbar-Dating may link to external websites or resources, and that Delbar-Dating Group is not responsible or liable for the content, accuracy, or availability of any such external websites or resources, or for any goods or services that may be obtained from them.The user acknowledges entire responsibility for their use of any such websites or materials andassumes all associated risk. Delbar-Dating is free to transfer the Terms and any rights or licenses granted without restriction.

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