This is the privacy policy for Delbar-Dating, a dating app artfully crafted for stylish Persians all over the world. The Privacy Policy describes how they gather, utilise, store, and distribute user data. Delbar-Dating collects a member’s name, username, email address, mobilenumber, gender identity, date of birth, sexual preference, photos, location, and login details for social network accounts when they register. Users’ personal details, such as their name, username, and sexual preference, may be seen by other users who visit their profile page. In order to prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts that might be used for nefarious actions and cybercrime, Delbar-Dating needs users to verify their accounts. Users may be asked for their phone number and a photo. To assist confirm that users are who they claim they are, we may use facial recognition technology to compare the photo users upload to their profile photo. Delbar-Dating advises users to exercise caution when revealing personal information about themselves and to refrain from revealing private information that could be abused ormisappropriated. Each user expressly agrees assumes all risks associated with using this App, the company, and/or any of its related services.

Delbar-Dating uses personal information provided by users to provide its services, offer personalized content, conduct research and analytics, test new technologies, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, investigate fraud, and enforce its terms and conditions. Delbar-Dating’s matching algorithms use data about users to predict their compatibility with others and generate profile recommendations. Delbar-Dating uses a combination of automated systems and a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts and messages for content that indicates breaches of its terms and conditions. The app may use personal information, including sensitive information, with the user’s consent or based on legitimate interests. Delbar-Dating collects personal information from users directly and from their devices. Delbar-Dating uses different legal bases for processing data, depending on the purpose for which the data is used.Users can withdraw consent or object to data processing.

Our objective is to keep your personal information secure and to avoid disclosing it unlessabsolutely necessary. For instance, in order for them to carry out tasks and offer services to us, we might disclose your information to dependable third-party service providers. In order to allow payments for our premium services, we may additionally share information to payment processing and telecommunications firms, moderators, and content reviewers. We take compliance with law extremely seriously, and when required by law, we will assist with legitimate demands made by law enforcement for information from within or outside of your country of residence. Investigations investigating alleged criminal activity or safeguarding a person’s essential interests are examples of this, without limitation. Also, if we think it’s essential to comply with a law or regulation, to ensure everyone’s safety, to address fraud, security, or technical concerns, or to defend our rights or the rights of third parties, we may keep or disclose your information, including your registration information. In such circumstances, we are free to assert or waive any legal defences or rights that we may have.

We reserve our right to share your personal information in the event of a business transition or change of ownership, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of our assets. In order to offer marketing and advertising on third-party websites and applications and evaluate the success of our advertising campaigns, we may also share your data with marketing services providers. Additionally, as part of our anti-spam and anti-fraud measures, we might also share your information with other Delbar-Dating affiliated businesses. Lastly, for the purposes of industry analysis and demographic profiling, we may divulge aggregated data to third parties that includes your personal information but does not specifically identify you.
It is crucial to understand that we do not sell your data and have not done so in the last 12 months. Please refer to the material above for more specifics about disclosures.

To provide its services to users, Delbar-Dating collaborates with marketing service providers and third-party service providers. Depending on the service the user uses, such as social network providers, IT services, billing services, and authentication services, Delbar-Dating may share the user’s personal information with different third parties. The app does its due diligence to make sure these service providers are adequately protecting customer data and securing customer information, and only gives them the personal information they require to perform their jobs. Additionally, Delbar-Dating collaborates with marketing service providers to promote and advertise its services and app on other websites and applications and track the success of its marketing efforts. Personal information, including without limiting the generality of, an estimated location, age, and gender, information on the user’s visits to these providers’ websites or apps, and a hashed version of the user’s email address, is shared by Delbar-Dating with these service providers. Users of the app should be cautious when publishing sensitive information and should consider that whatever they post or submit on the app may be publicly viewed and accessible, both by users and non-users of the app.

A user’s name, profile image, email address, date of birth, and gender can all be accessed by Delbar-Dating if they join up using their Facebook, Google or Apple ID accounts. Also, users may be able connect their other accounts to Delbar-Dating so that some data from those platforms can be shared directly with their Delbar-Dating profile.
The Friendship tool on Delbar-Dating allows users to find friends, and Delbar-Dating may suggest friends depending on a user’s location, activity, life, and hobbies.
We recognize the rights granted to residents of California by the California Consumer Privacy Act, including the ability to obtain details on the collection, use, and erasure of their personal data by Delbar-Dating.

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